Monday, January 18, 2010

Alexa's 1st Birthday!

Alexa turned 1 on January 12th. I can't believe it's already been 1 year!! This last year has been hard, with all of the moving and changing of jobs, but Alexa has definitely made it more enjoyable. She is so stinking fun! She keeps us smiling all day long. Here are a few things she's doing right now:.

*She loves music and dancing. Brittney Spears is her favorite. Everytime her music video "3" is on, she dances like their is no tomorrow. She's quite talented at her "booty drop" move. So cute!

*Words she says: "uh-oh!" when she drops something, "Dada", "ball"

*She loves Elmo & Sesame Street.

*Gives high fives and blows kisses.

*Her favorite foods are yogurt, string cheese, crackers & tacos. Hot sauce does not bother her 1 bit!

*She's practically running already.

*She's able to dribble a ball with her feet throughout the house. Our little soccer pro!

On January 15th, we had a birthday party for her at our apartment club house. It was a lot of fun. She was the cutest little birthday princess ever! Here are a few pictures of the night.


She wasn't too sure about the flame. She tried to put it out with her fingers.

Digging into the cake finally. It took her a few minutes, because she doesn't like her hands to be messy. (And Steve made that cake! It was a princess castle cake. It was very cute)

MMMmmmm...... chocolate!

Christmas in Tooele Utah

The day after Christmas, we drove out to Tooele to spend some time with the Reader's and Kai and Bella.

Kai was so cute with "Baby Alexa." He would say, "I love baby Alexa," or "Daddy, Baby Alexa is soooo beautiful, huh?" or "If I fall asleep on the couch, will you wake me up so I can sleep in the bed next to Alexa?" Kai's such a wonderful big brother! And from what you can see from these pictures, Alexa just loves Kai!

Here's 1 photo we were able to catch of Bella. She was a little camera shy on this trip.

Christmas in Manti Utah

For Christmas, we drove from California to Manti Utah. We ended up staying in St. George to split up the drive and we were able to visit my brother David. Here are a few pictures of Alexa's first Christmas at my mom and Pete's house.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sea World

A few weeks ago, we made our way down to San Diego to go to Sea World. I hadn't been there since I was a kid, and neither had Steve. We had a ton of fun and Alexa just loved it! Her favorite part was seeing Elmo. She is obsessed with Elmo. When Elmo was performing she would not take her eyes off of him even for a second. It's super cute.

Making Hair Bows

I decided to get creative an attempt to make Alexa some hair bows (cause she is almost 10months with still NO HAIR!) I'm actually quite proud of myself because I am not a very crafty person. Here are a few that I made:

The Coons

So we have a family of raccoons that hang out on our porch. The lady who lives above us feeds them cat food. These ones are the cute ones. There is like 5 more that come over on occasion. They are the mean ones though. We can hear them fighting and hissing all night long. Our neighbor will bust out her super-soaker and spray the mean guys down. It's sortof funny. At first, I hated them, what if the were to bite me? But now I'm used to them, they mind there own business and they provide alot of entertainment. We open our sliding window and watch as people walk by. It's hilarious when we see a grown man so frightened he runs the other direction. Everyone is so scared of them. I know I ran the other direction the first time I saw them.

Trunk or Treat

Our little monster Alexa. Isn't she the cutest monster you have ever seen? We had to go show her off at our wards Trick or Treat Halloween party.

We taught her how to High 5. She's so smart!

Alexa and Matthew. (Nemo and the Monster)